Friday, 22 June 2012

Yeah Yeah Yeah

The night before the school fair, the Middle-ones played at the red house pub. Yeah Yeah Yeah. They were on tour with Jack Lewis. Anna and Grace sung on one of his songs and I LOVED it!!! You can look here as they videoed the song during the tour. The next morning, I made them cross the road to the school summer fair! Grace got one of my men brooches and Maddy got her face painted and I sold one of my new prints. It was Maddy who suggested the star... I think it looks nice.


pastcaring said...

Hi Elodie, you've caught my boy in the background in your photo of Grace! Hope you made some good sales at the Fair, Madeleine looks adorable!
Love Curtise xx

elodie g said...

I did notice him after I uploaded the picture! With all the different laws etc... I am now wondering if I was allowed to take a photo there at all... At least, I hope he doesn't mind!