Sunday, 14 September 2014

Change of address:

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See you soon!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Le come-back

I hibernated... For nearly a year... Then I thought 'life is too short', 'it's now or never', that kind of things. So, I decided to try and do a fair, again.
It's this Saturday, at Millennium Gallery, in Sheffield.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bonbon anglais

A Sunday walk through Netheredge.
And I noticed The Old Sweet Shop has put my new bag in the window. Thank you!

My grand-mother always used to use the term 'bonbon anglais' (English sweet) for any unusual tasting sweets that she didn't like. I wonder why now...

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Voila l'ete!

 This is my latest screen-printed bag. I've finally updated my Folksy shop so people can buy it from there. More to come! Honestly!

I found the winter quite a challenge this year. I lost my enthusiasm for a lot of things and, now the sun is out, I am sewing and drawing again! Hopefully, I'll get some new fanzines printed in the next few months and start doing craft fairs again! See you soon! A bientot!

Friday, 19 April 2013

make + MADE

Today, I finally popped in make + MADE. It is a BEAUTIFUL shop in Sheffield city centre selling BEAUTIFUL handmade things. My favourite discovery is Sally Nencini's knitted doll. Pretty perfect! GO there if you are in Sheffield.
Aujourd'hui, je suis allee a make + MADE, un nouveau magasin dans le centre-ville de Sheffield. J'y ai fait la decouverte de Sally Nencini, qui a fait la poupee en tricot. Magnifique!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I have no excuses for not updating the blog. Apart from being tired, tired of the winter and not having been done many craft fairs! Yesterday, I had a lovely day at St Mary's fair (you can see my stall at the end of the day on the photo) straight after coming back from Nice where I found some SAUERKRAUT JUICE in a health food shop!!! It looks tasty, doesn't it?
My new screenprinted bag photographed in Made By JontyA bientôt!
Je n'ai pas mis de nouveaux posts sur ce blog depuis un moment. Surement la fatigue et la fatigue de l'hiver interminable et puis je n'ai pas fait beaucoup de 'craft fairs'. Hier, j'ai quand meme fait celle de St Mary's (la photo est celle de mon stand a la fin de la journée) apres etre rentree de Nice ou j'ai pris une photo du JUS DE CHOUCROUTE a la Vie Claire!!! Ca a l'air délicieux, n'est-ce pas?

Friday, 9 November 2012


I have been so busy with work, holidays etc... that I forgot to blog! I made my first Parkin cake (I used black treacle to make it, yum!) for Bonfire night. It was lovely!!!
Je n'ai pas mis de messages sur mon blog depuis longtemps car j'etais tellement occupee! Le 5 novembre, c'etait 'Bonfire night' ici -c'est un peu comme leur fete nationale, les gens font des feux de camp dans leur jardin et il y a des feux d'artifice partout. Le gateau traditionnel pour le 5 novembre dans le Yorkshire, c'est le parkin cake. Un gateau a base de melasse, gingembre et flocons d'avoine. DELICIEUX!